After his successful explorations of the world of jewelry and perfume, Hervé Domar returns to his first love by unveiling a new line of glasses. Always in search of authenticity, the creator composed this collection with timeless designs. His mission: to go beyond the accessory and make sunglasses the jewel that reveals us.


To think these eyeglass frames that embody us without deceiving us, Hervé Domar has chosen to play the role of perfect sobriety. Forms, first female, then masculine or unisex, are available in three materials according to our desires:


Acetate for dressing us during the day.

Set with Swarovski crystals, to beautify a glance at night.

Real horn, for a touch of absolute luxury.


Made to measure, this intimate line is enriched by Metals models with retro inspirations. White gold, yellow or pink, matte, glossy or black, these creations will be honoring the sleek design, real trademark of Hervé Domar.


Whether solar or optics, Hervé Domar’s frames are primarily pieces of gold work. As a testimony, the following features:


The perfect sobriety of the materials.

The quality of French manufacture, always handmade.

An exclusive distribution.


The glasses or the precious art of dressing a glance, by Hervé Domar.